Create a Preset Profile – Cheap Domain Transfer

When you create a Preset Profile, you can include attributes for locking, automatic renewal status, domain name forwarding, masking, contact information, and nameservers.

To create a Preset Profile

    1. Log in to your LuckyRegister –  Cheap Domain Registration  Services – account.
    2. Next to Domains, click Manage.
    3. You must be in the list view of your account in order to create a Preset Profile. In the upper right corner of your account, choose the list view:

  1. Click Organize, and then click Manage Preset Profiles.
  2. Click Add preset profile.
  3. Enter the profile name and optional description.
  4. From the Import attributes from list, select one of the following:
    • None – Do not import attributes
    • Active domain – Import attributes from a specific domain name
  5. Click Next.
  6. Select Add for each of the following attributes and, after completing each attribute, click Next:
    • Locking – To lock or unlock all domain names in the profile, activate the attribute and indicate the lock state.
    • Auto-Renew – To set auto renewal for all domain names in the profile, activate the attribute and indicate the auto renewal state.
    • Forwarding – To forward and optionally mask all domain names in the profile, activate the attribute and enter or select the following:
      • Forward only – To forward the domain name to a separate URL.
      • Enable Masking – From the Masking tab, select Enable Masking.
    • Nameservers – To update nameservers for all domain names in the profile, activate the attribute and complete the fields.
    • Contacts – To add specific domain name contact information for all domain names in the profile, activate the attribute and complete the fields.
  7. Click Finish.

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Cheap Domain Transfer – Transfer Domain to Another Registrar

The process for transferring a domain name registered with LuckyRegister to another registrar is not hard, but it does take time. You’ll complete some steps with LuckyRegister and some steps with the new registrar. The total process can take up to 10 days to complete.

If you want to move a domain name from one LuckyRegister to another LuckyRegister, see Move a domain to another LuckyRegister account.

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You’re not eligible to transfer a domain for a 60-day period after the following events:

• •Registering or transferring a domain name
• •Updating the registrant contact’s organization
• •Updating the registrant contact’s first or last name and an organization is not listed

You’re not eligible to transfer a domain for a 10-day period after changing your domain from one LuckyRegister account to another via the Account Change Process.

For more information, see ICANN’s Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy and our Domain Name Change of Registrant Agreement.

To Transfer Domain Names to Another Registrar

Complete the following steps with LuckyRegister

  1. Verify contact information: Verify that the administrator’s contact information for the domain is correct (or registrant’s email for .au domains). All emails regarding the transfer will go to the administrator’s email (or registrant’s email for .au domains). To review and edit your contact information, see Change domain contact information.
  2. Unlock your domain
  3. Cancel Protected or Private registration: If the domain has Protected Registration or Private Registration, you’ll need to cancel it. For more information, see Cancel Protected Registration or Cancel Private Registration.

Complete the following steps with your new registrar

  1. Get an authorization code: Check with your new registrar to see if you need an authorization code (EPP code). If you need one, see Get an authorization code to transfer my domain to another registrar.

    Many country-code top-level domain names (ccTLDs) don’t require an authorization code. However, there are a few exceptions where you’ll need to contact customer support to get an authorization code. For more information, see Authorization codes to transfer ccTLDs

    For .uk domain transfers, please contact customer support and have the IPS tag of the new registrar (get this from your new registrar) ready when you call.

  2. Initiate the transfer: At the new registrar, initiate the transfer and provide the authorization code, if needed. This is different for each registrar, so you may need to consult the other registrar’s help or support for specific instructions.

Check the domain’s administator’s email

  1. Accept or deny the transfer: LuckyRegister – Cheap Domain Registration, Domain Hosting Services – will email you instructions to complete the transfer. If you do not accept or deny the transfer request within five days, LuckyRegister will automatically accept the transfer for you. For more information, see Accepting or Declining a Transfer to Another Registrar.
  2. Receive confirmation: LuckyRegister will email you confirmation when the transfer is complete.